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Black Cell is turning Virtual Reality into virtual adventures.
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Focusing on unusual player experiences, dense mood and gripping atmosphere with fully immersive sound design, Black Cell is taking you on an enchanting journey you never have seen before.

Our virtual reality experiences empower the players to do and see things they are not able to in real-life.

Our Focus

What VR means to us
The Experience

In Virtual Reality experience is everything.
Being immersed in a world which does not feel right will ruin the best gameplay.
This is why we push our sound and visual design to create a frictionless experience and a unique atmosphere in each of our projects.

Breaking the limits

To create something new and exciting you have to break the rules and push in directions others didn’t dare to go.
Being independent allows us to create radically new concepts and experiment, which leads to fantastic results.

Total Immersion

Making you feel like you truly are in another place is hard and distinguishes great VR experiences from the mediocre ones. To achieve this you need to address as many senses as possible.
By adding cinematic sound design and haptic feedback we are seducing players’ brains to go a on a real journey to another place

Our Games

Examples of our work
  • Keigu – An Origami Tale

    Keigu - An Origami Tale

    Name: Keigu – An Origami tale
    Genre: Atmospheric Adventure
    Plattforms: HTC Vive, Star VR

    The Story:

    Kimi and you had been best friends for all your childhood until all of a sudden, Kimi was gone.

    Keigu - An Origami Tale

    Keigu – An Origami Tale

    No trace was found and you grew up with an acute sense of loss, of something missing in your heart. Until one day,  while leafing through a scrapbook she had made for, you find a neatly folded letter:

    “My dear friend,
    I feel the deepest remorse for the pain I have caused you. I had to get away to where no one would follow me. Find me now, and I’ll make everything alright. I promise.
    Yours sincerely

    As you ponder the words, the paper before you springs to life, folding in on itself, then out in several directions at once as the  form of an Origami fox emerges, stretching out as if it had slept for years.

    Floating in midair, it circles around you, then nimbly jumps for the door, whispering: “I am kitsune. Follow me and I’ll show you the way!

    And with that first step, you enter the world of Ukiyo…

    The experience:

    Play at your own pace – stop to chat with Kitsune and enjoy the lively and wondrous realm of Ukiyo or move forward to next challenge.

    Explore, expand, experiment – Keigu allows you to explore and experiment in a world that – like great origami art – has many hidden layers waiting for you to discover and unfold.

    Never walk alone – The constant companionship of Kitsune, whispering in your ear and playfully guiding you on, allows us to offer hints and adjust difficulty for players. But be careful, the creature knows more than it would seem at first glance …

    Experience wonder – the dreamlike quality of Ukiyo with a lively and interesting surrounding combined with a fantastic sound environment makes you stay

    Keigu - An Origami Tale
    Keigu – An Origami Tale
  • Thrills & Chills – Roller Coasters

    Thrills and chills roller coaster

    Name: Thrills & Chills – Roller Coasters
    Genre: Simulation
    Plattforms: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive
    Oculus Experience:

    Forget about other roller-coasters rides and experience real Thrills & Chills with this Virtual Reality coaster.
    This is a must have for every roller coaster fan!

    Key Features:

    – Multiple tracks above the rooftops of a large and realistic city
    – Fantastic sound design for an immersive experience
    – Innovative track design

    This experience was created in a cooperation by VRisch and Black Cell, both independent studios known for their focus on great atmosphere and mood.

    Thrills and chills roller coaster
    Thrills & Chills – Roller Coasters
  • Wake Up

    Wake Up

    Name: Wake Up
    Genre: Atmospheric Adventure
    Plattforms: HTC Vive
    Steam Link:

    Experience a shattered and surreal dream filled with fascinating riddles, where your only guide is an elusive butterfly.
    Can you make the journey and wake up?

    Key Features:

    – Diverse riddles challenging the brain, eyes and ears.
    – A unique atmosphere
    – A handcrafted sound experience
    – Designed for VR and Motion Controllers explicitly

    Wake up is a smaller game which will take between 20 and 40 minutes to complete, depending on the speed you are able to solve the riddles.

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    Wake Up
    Wake Up
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A set of reviews for our latest game: Wake Up


Meet the wildly motivated people behind Black Cell's magical experiences
Michael Tisler
Michael Tisler
Excited about the rise of Virtual Reality, Michael left behind his secure job as Designer to found Black Cell together with Stefan and work in this interesting new area.
Stefan Krastev
Stefan Krastev
Creative Director
Stefan is a concept artist with more than 5 years of experience in the entertainment industry, working for film and games. Intrigued by VR he cofounded Black Cell to focus on producing Virtual Reality experiences.
Jan Wagner
Jan Wagner
Executive Producer
Jan has worked in the industry before most of the team was in school. He has done everything from Producing to Design to Business Development and when he saw what Black Cell was capable of, he jumped on the chance to support the Team and shape the future of games together with them.
Markus W. Redl
Markus W. Redl
Level Designer
Markus finished his Master’s Degree in Molecular Biology before he decided to study Game Design at the Vancouver Film School in Vancouver.
On weekends he enjoys to step away from the computer-screen in order to play Pen & Paper games with his friends.
Christoph Brunner
Christoph Brunner
3D Artist
Christoph is an ambitious Environment Artist who is fascinated with combining narrative storytelling with his art. Convinced that VR will change the future of games, he is always down for getting the most out of it.
Michael Schreiber
Michael Schreiber
Audio Designer
Michael is an Audio Designer with 8 years of experience in sound designing and mixing for short and long format productions like commercials, television series and motion pictures.
Matthias Hürbe
Matthias Hürbe
Matthias has been a Game Developer for as long as he can remember. With a background in electrical engineering, computer science, 3d modeling and visual effects he is uniquely qualified for virtual reality development. He has over 2 years of tools, gameplay and engine programming experience and specialized in game development with Unreal Engine 4, the very technology that powers some of the best VR experiences out now.
Melanie Freilinger
Melanie Freilinger
Melanie was an Android Developer for 3 years but always wanted to make games. In her opinion the time for VR has come. So she joined the team at Black Cell to be one of the first developers creating impressive and amazing VR games.
Bogdan Suman
Bogdan Suman
VFX – Artist
I’m a Visual Effects Artist with 17 years in the computer graphics industry. VR is the next big thing in videogames and I focus my skills in creating new VR experiences along the team at Black Cell.
Katharina Krösl
Katharina Krösl
Technical Artist
Katharina completed her Master’s degree in Visual Computing at the Technical University of Vienna with distinction, before starting her PhD. She works as researcher in the field of lighting simulation at a research institute in Vienna.

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