Black Cell is live – May 03, 2016

I am very happy to inform you that our Start Up “Black Cell” has launched! After weeks of hard work, intense brainstorming sessions and tons of coffe we can now officially and very proudly tell you: We are Black Cell!

But who exactly, or what exactly is Black Cell?

Basically, we are a virtual reality Startup focused on game development.
We will take Escapte The Room games to VR, where we add stunning environments, stuff that will break the limit of reality (ever been flying?) and create an amazing atmosphere through excellent sound design.

Using the new virtual reality headsets, players can fully immerge into our experiences and enter a new world of entertainment. In our games we allow the players to become someone else and do things, they were not able to do before or simply were afraid to try, like: Jumping off a cliff, using the super power of flying and more. Harnessing the immersive power of Virtual Reality, we can make everything feel so real, that players forget, they are standing in their living rooms.

Black Cell was founded by 2 industry veterans, who have worked together for many years in the game business. Michael Tisler and Stefan Krastev have taken the plunge and decided to pioneer into Virtual Reality. In the past few weeks 4 other awesome people (including myself) from all different areas decided to jump in and join the party.

We are all looking forward to this exciting new experience. Let me tell you, we cannot wait to show the world our first accomplishments! I invite you all to follow us on this awsome journey, so make sure to follow our Facebook and Twitter page to keep updated.

Until next time, Andrea    Andrea