VRVienna – May 03, 2016

vrviennaToday I want to update you, not on our projects and other shenanigans, but on a very awsome Virtual Reality Community called VRVienna. Have you heard about VRVienna already?

VRVienna is an international group of people working in VR-related projects. Their focus lies on sharing knowledge about things concerning Virtual Reality. They welcome everybody from all fields of technology and also people who just want to get to know and learn about VR in their free time. Everyone who wants to do so, can basically join their party and share their insights and inputs to the community.

VRVienna provides us with the possibility to share, explore and brainstorm about any future projects in the VR area. To make this possible, they regularly organize meetups. In doing so they are enabling networking and collaborating. So if you ever want to join and meet other people who share your curiosity, I highly recommend coming to one of their meetups.

We really appreciate their efforts, this is why our team members decided to actively support VRVienna and help the local VR community grow.

Make sure to pay them a visit on their homepage, twitter and facebook page!

Until next time, Andrea    Andrea