Wake Up Reveal – July 28, 2016

After two months of hard work we are proud to finally announce the release date and trailer for our upcoming game: Wake Up!

Wake Up will be released at the 8th of August (yes, that is next week!!!).

And to celebrate our first game release we decided to do something rather radical: We will give away the game for free!What-Meme-13

That’s right! If you own a HTC Vive you can play it without any hidden payments or other mean tricks! (And soon the same will be true for Oculus Rift users!).

Some of you may ask themselves now why we would do such a stupid move and throw possible money away.

Well, we thought that the first step to a successful company is a good community.
People talking about your game, people writing about you and maybe even some people supporting you.

And giving away our game for free is a good step to assure, that a lot of people are able to play it, without the need to budget their wallets.

So wait for the 9th of August and give Wake Up a try!
We would be honoured to receive your Feedback and reviews!

Check out Wake Up on our Steam page:


See you in VR, Michael   MichaelTisler