Wake up -May 03, 2016

Today, ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you the title for our very first game: “Wake up”


In “Wake up” you are stuck in a mysterious and strange dream and your only goal is to wake up! Like in real life Escape the Room games you do this by riddeling your way from room to room until you finally solve the last puzzle.

Our goal is to create riddles without the limitations of the real world and a beautiful dream landscape accompanied by great audio.
Thanks to Virtual Reality we will make your experience Wake up! in a way you had no other Escape the Room game before.

“Wake up” will be released early this summer and we are currently evaluating on which VR devices we will publish to.

We will, of course, keep you updated about new information, so make sure to check out the news section of our Homepage or our Twitter and Facebook page!

Until next time, Andrea     Andrea