Vienna’s Escape Games – May 10, 2016

Escape The Room games have recently become the latest craze almost everywhere. They are a fun group experience, they are motivating and providers are popping up all over austria. Why, you may ask? And what exactly are Escape The Room games? Let me describe them briefly.

In Escape The Room games, well, nomen est omen, you have to escape a room (or rooms)! Sounds really simple, or also horrifying to some of us, but let me tell you, this is actually extremely funny. The scenarios have a great variety, you can be caught in a mine, a cave, a prison cell, a laboratory… Anything is possible. What all of these rooms have in common, however, is, that you have to solve puzzles to find your way out. And this is the funny part. You do not only need brains, but also teamwork, creativity and out-of-the-box-thinking to solve those riddles. I have seen so many different puzzles already, created with so much creativity and love for detail, and I am still amazed by the great ideas everytime I try out a new game.

The great thing about solving those puzzles is the great feeling you have when you manage to solve them, especially if you had to work really hard to get to the solution! These games are great for everyone, no matter how old or experienced you are in games in general. I have seen whole families play Escape The Room games, including kids and grandparents.

The idea of being locked up in a strange place may still sound scary to some people. But this is actually no problem, you are not actually locked up. You are being observed via webcam and you also get walkie-talkies, that let you communicate with the Game-Masters. You can let them know anytime if something is wrong or if you want to get out. Also- don’t be scared of not finding a solution for a puzzle and getting stuck. You can always ask for hints via walkie-talkie. If the Game-Masters see that you seem to be stuck, they might offer you help anyways. Depending on your level of ambition, you can accept the hint or not.

Speaking of ambition: Most rooms have a time limit of one hour. You can finish the game though if you exceed the one hour-mark, you will probably just get more hints, depending on how close you are to the solution. Some providers will show you statistics and an evaluation of your gameplay afterwards – what puzzles took you little time to finish, where did you take more time, how was your gameplay compared to the average, etc. Reflecting the game when you’re done is really interesting and funny, just make sure that you don’t spoil any of the visitors who have not played the game yet.

You can play these games with your friends and/or family, but many providers also have offers for companies or schools with the focus on teambuilding and out-of-the-box problem solving.

Interested yet in trying it out yourself? Here are some providers in Vienna, who have locations all over the city:



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Until next time, Andrea    Andrea2